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Location: Prince George, BC

Time: 9:00AM – 6:00PM

Duration: 9 hours (includes a 1-hour lunch break).

Cost: $2000 (plus applicable taxes).

Mosaic Advanced Gel Nail Tech Certification

This course is for the nail techs who wants to take their skills to the next level! When this course is over you will have mastered all the techniques covered in this course making you more confident & efficient in your work, and if your up to it, ready for competition!


You will learn how to:

  • Do an enhanced basic manicure using Sculpt X
    • It is the perfect in-between product: more flexible than your standard builder gel but stronger than just gel polish
    • Allows you to still build short extensions with it, and do a slight rebalance!
  • Correctly prep the natural nails to prevent lifting and chipping
  • Use different E-File bits
  • Get perfect color application around the cuticles with both gel polish & gel paint
  • Build a short extension using Sculpt X
    • Clients that need more than just a gel polish but not quite full gel nails
    • Clients that get excessive lifting issues with builder gels
    • Clients with badly damaged nails
    • Clients that only want short nails
  • Do a basic E-File Manicure for that picture-perfect manicure.
  • Proper form placement for:
    • Perfect Square
    • Pipe
    • Round
    • Coffin
    • Traditional Almond
    • Nail Biters
  • Form customization
  • Proper structure for different shapes
  • Do Reverse French
  • Rebalance (reconstructing a nail without removing & re-sculpting it) on falling/clawed nails
    • Fix missing edges or corners without a form
  • Photograph your work





Mosaic Advanced Gel Nail Tech


Course cost: $2000


Mosaic Master Gel Nail Tech add-on


Course cost: $2000









Day 1

Natural Square overlay with Sculpt X & Rebalance


Day 2

Perfect Square, Pipe & Round


Day 3

Traditional Almond & Coffin


Day 4

Nail Biters & Reverse French


Day 5

Exam (one of each nail styles from previous days in class will be done)


Students will do a minimum of 7 QUALITY sets of each before next class and send in pictures.


Class will be once every 4 weeks


Students will receive Mosaic Advanced Gel Nail Tech Certification after exam is passed

NOTE: this is NOT a certificate of attendance, exam must be passed.


What you will need:


A desk lamp with an old fashion light bulb (this is for perfection checking & taking pictures)

Diamond uni bit

Diamond 4mm sphere bit

Diamond skirt bit

Mosaic carbide gold cone bit

Erica’s small barrel bit

120 buffer

240 file

180 file

Small scissors

Sculpt X

Pink builder gel (I Prefer jelly nude)

Clear builder gel

Pinching tool

Mosaic oval & round forms (depends on models nail beds)

All your other regular prep products etc.